Danilo Ilarde, 26, goes by the DJ name Infinity Zan and was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. He's new to Winnipeg's music scene, but his produced beats would prove otherwise.

Infinity Zan began DJing two years ago and has since found guidance under Malcolm-Jay in honing his skills as a producer.

Although he can't pin down the genre style he produces, his 90's and early 00's listenings speak to the feel of his music. Infinity Zan's music list include Common, Q-Tip, J-Dilla, and Nujabes.

But a defining moment in his music career had been the purchase of his first CD.

"...Purchasing my first CD - Draft Punk's Discovery - made me realize there was something other than what's on the radio, and it got me going to look for my own music and develop my own taste," said Infinity Zan.

Infinity Zan is currently working on a major collaboration with Winnie Cishahayo who goes by performer name Cisha. 

"I'm almost exclusively producing her [Cisha's] EP coming out in the next year -  and we're premiering two of the songs during the [Stream WPG's] performance," said Infinity Zan.

 Soundcloud: Infinity Zan.
Instagram: n1loray